McEnany: This Is a President in Shambles

‘When President Biden had a  conversation with Vladimir Putin Recently after the first conversation in the fall Russia actually added more troops to the border of Ukraine’


MCENANY: "I simply do not see it. You had Kyrsten Sinema — think about this. The President of the United States is coming to Capitol Hill, presumably to try to coerce you and Joe Manchin, maybe one or two others, to come on board and have a carve-out in the filibuster. And what does she do? She takes to the floor of the Senate and essentially shreds that idea to pieces. So, the moderate wing of this party doesn’t seem to respect him. And as we move forward, and Build Back Better doesn't get passed and this voting legislation, you're going to hear a lot of angst, I would think, from AOC, Ilhan Omar, and the far-left wing of the party. So, this is a president in shambles. Axios said today very few presidents don’t have Republicans, don't have the moderate wing of their party, and don't have the left wing of their party, but that's the chess board that it seems to be President Biden is looking at."

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