Howard Kurtz: Joe Biden Does Not Have Control of His Own Party

‘What a difference a year makes after all the he’s the next FDR hype’


KURTZ: "Yeah, what a difference a year makes after all the, you know, he’s the next FDR hype. Let's look at the two biggest failures. With the exception of the genuine win on infrastructure, first you had the President pushing this $3.5 trillion liberal wish list spending bill that Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin were never going to go along with even half of that level. And, you mentioned the fiery speech in Georgia, comparing opponents of voting rights legislation to Bull Connor and George Wallace. He not only alienates Republicans, he alienates some moderate Democrats, and there was never any chance in hell that the aforementioned two Democratic senators were going to budge on the filibuster, meaning he was going to lose, he was going to be embarrassed. The press knows that these are miscalculations. And they're all saying the obvious now. Right now Joe Biden doesn't have control of his own party."

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