Florida AG: Supreme Court Blocking Biden OSHA Vaccine Mandate Is a ‘Win’ for Freedom

‘They were very clear Congress did not intend for OSHA to have that kind of authority’


MOODY: “You know, the ruling was very clear as to this OSHA mandate. The court said this was like taking a blunt instrument and trying to enact health care policy on a wide-scale basis using the excuse that you’re trying to protect a workplace. And they were very clear, Congress did not intend for OSHA to have that kind of authority. And so they said, 'If you’re going to do this, this has to be industry-specific, it has to relate specifically to a workplace condition, not something that would generally relate to any gathering like a sports event or going to a restaurant or gathering in large crowds. So I thought they were very clear. And this was a win not just for freedom. Obviously Governor DeSantis and I are working to keep Florida free, we’re defending freedom every single day, but this was a win for the millions of employees that were desperately trying to hold on to their health care autonomy and for the employers that were going to be faced really with another tax, billions in compliance cost. So we are praising the Supreme Court’s decision as to that mandate. It was spot on."

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