Kimmel: Cruz, Taylor Greene Are Accusing Capitol Rioter Ray Epps of Being an FBI Agent — ‘Disguised as an Idiot’

‘We are living in historically stupid times’


KIMMEL: “Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and senator Ted Cruz, aka clan mom and the blobfish — Continue to push bananas conspiracy theories about who is responsible for January 6th. Their latest thing is that one of the rioters, alleged rioters, is a guy named ray Epps. They say he was really an FBI agent in disguise, as an idiot — Who tricked Trump supporters into ransacking the Capitol. That’s quite an episode of “Punk’d.” We are living in historically stupid times. Lies turn into rumors, rumors turn into investigations, congressmen and women are spreading them on purpose. Did you know major, the White House dog, isn’t a German shepherd? He’s a Russian kgb agent.”

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