Ingraham: Biden’s Undoing Began When He Allowed Himself to Be Dragged to the Left

‘What did the Democrats accomplish with Biden this year?’


INGRAHAM: "Now, Biden’s undoing began when he allowed himself to get dragged to the left, another thing we predicted last year. He’s too weak to stand up to the left. You know, he was more interested in pleasing 'The Washington Post' and MSNBC than doing right by Americans. And so what happened is the left jumped in there and they tried to seize the moment, or so they thought. But what did the Democrats accomplish with Biden this year? They dismissed concerns about inflation, and then they sent out more government checks, made it all worse. They got caught off guard by Omicron, they failed to push Fauci to the sideline, and they continued to let the unions dictate policy for our kids. In Chicago public schools, students were finally allowed back into the classroom yesterday, but in some cases to schools where dozens of teachers were out, leaving kids to report to auditoriums and sometimes taking classes online with their teachers working remotely. So if it's not the criminals carjacking you in Chicago, it’s unions hijacking the education. It’s a travesty.”

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