Rep. Cori Bush: ‘Eliminate the Filibuster For Voting Rights; Do It Now’

‘Let’s make sure that the people who need the access have the access’


BUSH: "Right now, why not do it? I don’t — like, looking at what could happen. You know what? There's a lot that could happen, there’s a lot that the Republicans can do, and you know what? We can’t even imagine what they can do actually, because I remember just a few days ago what we did was we commemorated a day, we remembered a day that we never thought would have happened. So when we look at, well, what could they do? Can they do this? They can do whatever — they can do — they can do that and more, regardless of if we push this forward or not. So, eliminate the filibuster for voting rights. Do it now. And let's make sure that the people who need the access have the access."

(via Twitter)

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