Kim Davis’ Supporter: We Believe She Was ‘Following the Law’

‘Some religious protestors rallied outside the home of the judge who sent her to jail, demanding her freedom’

UNKNOWN REPORTER: “Still behind bars and still at the center of an issue getting plenty of an attention nationally. WLWT News 5’s Tammy Mutasa explains why protesters in support of Rowan County clerk Kim Davis were outside a Northern Kentucky home today. Tammy.”
MUTASA: “Tonight, Kim Davis’ attorney filed an emergency motion, hoping to get her out of jail. At the same time, some religious protesters rallied outside the home of the judge who sent her to jail, demanding her freedom.”
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MUTASA (voice-over): “Hailing Kim Davis as a hero… the protesters took their demands right to the front yard of the man who sent her to jail, Judge David Bunning.” 
DAUBENMIRE: “Show us the law or set her free.”
UNKNOWN MALE: “We are going to ask that the sheriff in Grayson county arrest you for unlawfully putting this precious little girl into jail. It’s wrong.”
MUTASA (voice-over): “The Rowan County clerk has been locked up since last Thursday for refusing to issue same sex marriage licenses. Protesters argue the Supreme Court’s historic decision legalizing gay marriage across the country should not supersede Kentucky’s marriage laws.”
DAUBENMIRE: “Kim Davis understands that, she swore to uphold the Constitution of Kentucky, she says I can’t violate my conscience nor can I violate my oath. We believe that Kim Davis is the one following the law and the judge is the one breaking the law.”
MUTASA (voice-over): “The protesters had a tough time convincing some neighbors.”
MCGOVERN: “It is ridiculous. I mean, it’s just – they make themselves look bad.”
MUTASA (voice-over): “Bobby McGovern and his partner of 38 years were married in South Carolina last November.”
MCGOVERN: “This really touches home when I see this. It is like, you know, the day we got married and we were interviewed down there, the first thing I said, ‘well, the sky didn’t fall, the earth didn’t stop rotating.’ It is pretty much normal. And that’s the way it should be.”
MUTASA (voice-over): “Davis’ attorney has appealed to the Kentucky governor to accommodate Davis’ religious beliefs and not compel her to issue gay couples marriage licenses.”
[clip ends]
MUTASA: “Tomorrow, Davis will have a high profile visitor in jail, tomorrow. Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee will be visiting her and holding a rally to support her. Reporting live, Tammy Mutasa, WLWT News 5.”

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