CNN’s Zeleny: ‘The Word Underdog Can Now Be Attached’ to Clinton in New Hampshire

‘Sen. Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton by nine points in New Hampshire ... he’s been gaining ground and Hillary is losing ground’

CAMEROTA: “We begin this hour with Hillary Clinton now struggling in New Hampshire. A new NBC News/Marist poll shows Democratic rival Bernie Sanders overtaking her and her lead in Iowa also slipping.” 
CUOMO: “Some big developments in the GOP as well. Yes, Trump has a lead and that's growing. But there's a new name in play as well. So, let's get the developments for you. Let's begin with senior Washington correspondent Jeff Zeleny on the Hastings in Davenport, Iowa. Tell us about the poll? 
ZELENY: “Hey, good morning, Chris. I mean, Hillary Clinton is starting this Labor Day in a far different place than she and many Democrats expected that she would be. The word ‘underdog’ can now be attached to her name in New Hampshire. Senator Bernie Sanders is beating Hillary Clinton by nine points in this latest poll. But it's not just this poll. It's been, over the last few weeks or so, a combination of polls so that he has a commanding lead in New Hampshire. Not quite the same here in Iowa. She is leading Bernie Sanders by some 11 points. But Chris, that is down from 24 points just about six weeks ago. So she is losing ground, and he is gaining ground in both states. As this is happening, of course, this new poll shows some interesting numbers about Joe Biden. He has a higher favorability rating than Hillary Clinton among Democrats and among general election voters overall. But it's important to remember that she still is liked by the majority of Democrats. More than 6 in 10 Democrats give her a favorable rating. It's those general election numbers, she's about at 30 percent overall, which says a lot of independents and Republicans don't like her. Well, she knows that. She was on the trail in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Sunday evening, and she addressed her challenges ahead. Let's take a listen.”

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CLINTON: “It's going to a hard election. The other side has said they will spend, do and say anything to win back the White House. I have a little experience with that. I am absolutely confident that whatever they throw at me, I can throw it right back.”

[clip ends]

ZELENY: “And that, of course, is Hillary Clinton's strength in many ways. When she is back on her heels, she's known as a fighter. And Democrats want to see more fight from her. So we'll see that coming up as she enters this new phase of her campaign, post-Labor Day.”

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