MSNBC: Novak Djokovic Denied Entry to Australia over Vaccine Exemption, Visa Canceled

‘Authorities cancelled his visa because he failed to meet the requirement for an exemption to Covid rules’


BRZEZINSKI: "Tennis star Novak Djokovic may no longer get a chance to defend his Australian Open title after authorities denied him entry to the country and cancelled his visa because he failed to meet the requirement for an exemption to Australia's Covid vaccination rules. The top-ranked Djokovic announced on social media Tuesday that he had exemption permission that would shield him from the strict regulations in place for this year’s first major tennis tournament. But Australian border officials did not accept the exemption when Djokovic landed yesterday, issuing a statement he failed to meet entry requirements. The country's Prime Minister telling reporters, 'The rule is very clear. You need to have a medical exemption. He did not have a valid medical exemption. We make that call at the border, and that is where it's enforced.' Seeking a record 21st major title and 10th at the Australian Open, Djokovic waited more than eight hours at the airport to find out if he would be allowed into the country. He was moved to a secured hotel controlled by immigration officials. The AP reports Djokovic will stay in immigration detention while he fights against deportation in court."

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