MSNBC: Poll Shows Sanders ‘Overtaking’ Clinton in N.H. & ‘Closing in’ in Iowa

‘Bernie Sanders overtaking Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic nomination’


Hillary Clinton’s primary campaign is crashing faster than even her toughest critics hoped.

Two state polls from NBC/Marist, released Sunday, show Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is now ahead of Hillary by 11 points in New Hampshire, the first primary state. In Iowa, Hillary is still ahead of Sanders, but she only earns 38 percent of the vote among Hawkeye Democrats.

Moreover, Clinton hasn’t faced aggressive opposition from Sanders. He has made it a point of pride not to criticize Clinton on the campaign trail. He hasn’t run any negative advertising against her political record or even against the recent email scandal engulfing her campaign.

She’s losing, or losing support, even though she has high, favorable ratings among Democrats in both states. In Iowa, 67 percent of Democrats have a positive view of Clinton. In New Hampshire, 69 percent of Democrats have a favorable opinion. Her problem is that a very large number of Democrats who say they like her aren’t voting for her. If she is struggling to close the deal with Democrats who like her, she will face an almost impossible task if she is the Democrat nominee.

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