Campins vs. CNN Panel: Do You Want ‘Our Tax Dollars’ To Support Illegal Immigrants?

‘Do you want your tax dollars to go to support illegal immigrants when our health insurance is bloody mess?’

Hispanic Trump Supporter vs. CNN Panel: "Do You Want Our Tax Dollars To Support Illegal Immigrants?" (RealClearPolitics)

Katrina Campins, a Hispanic Trump supporter and former Apprentice contestant, sparred with a CNN panel including Republican strategist Ana Navarro and network political analyst Gloria Borger. Campins is currently employed by Trump International Reality.

"I'm telling you as a Hispanic woman, who has known Donald Trump since 2004, he is not anti-Hispanic," Campins said Thursday afternoon after Trump's press conference where he announced his loyalty to the Republican party. "I don't want to pay for illegal immigrants. I don't want to pay tax dollars so that they can get better health care than I can as an American. That's the point Donald Trump is trying to make."

Campins had a combative back and forth with Navarro, who has made her allegiance to Jeb Bush known, over the wet foot-dry foot policy the U.S. has with Cuban refugees.

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