McPike: Trump Calling Hillary the Worst Secretary ‘Going to Hurt Her, Too’

‘Trump is very good at, like Amy said, landing those insults’

MELVIN: “-- talks about Jeb Bush, Erin McPike. Every time he talks about Jeb Bush, he refers to him as low energy. Even if he doesn't get the nomination, it would seem to me that those are the kinds of insults that last. Those are the kinds of insults that resonate in New Hampshire, in Iowa come spring.”

MCPIKE: “That’s right. And what we know of Trump is that he is very good at staying on message. One of the things that Hillary Clinton is going to have to worry about going forward if she is the nominee for the Democrats is that Trump has said time and time again that she is the worst secretary of state in the history of America. That kind of thing over and over again is going to hurt her too. Trump is very good at, like Amy said, landing those insults.”

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