Sen. Blackburn: BBB Is Not a 1.75-Trillion Dollar Bill, It’s Closer to a $5T and It’s Not Paid For

‘It is going to put an additional at least 3 trillion dollars of debt on the books that our children and grandchildren are going to have to pay for’


BLACKBURN: "And Sandra, that additional $3,500 per family, per year, is if you are treading water and you're doing exactly what you did last year. That is the estimate in the increase in cost. Now, what it does not take into account is what is going to happen for your childcare cost. This bill, Build Back Broke bill, as I call it, it would raise your childcare costs $13,000 per child because what they want to do is eliminate your churches and faith-based organizations from providing childcare that you can use, get a subsidy. They are basically trying to take over the childcare industry. I have not had anybody in Tennessee tell me they think childcare is broke and that the federal government needs to intervene, and they like going to their local church for Mother’s Day out and daycare and enrichment programs and after-school care. Also, you will see an increase in energy taxes, in tobacco taxes, in liquor taxes. All of these things are baked into this bill because they have to have 10 years of tax receipts to pay for 1, 2, 3 years of different programs. And their bill is not a $1.75 trillion bill, it’s closer to a $5 trillion bill and it’s not paid for. It is going to put an additional at least $3 trillion of debt on the books that our children and grandchildren will have to pay for."

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