Ari Melber: Republicans Are Using Lies About Voter Fraud as an Effort to Prepare for Another Coup

‘When there has been some recent voter fraud, it’s Republicans who have actually been caught’


MELBER: "Meanwhile Ted Cruz has been pushing a debunked claim about voter fraud which is false. And when there has been some recent voter fraud, it’s Republicans who've actually been caught. The headline today, three people in Florida arrested for casting more than one ballot -- you're not allowed to do that -- all three registered Republicans. A Nevada Republican also claiming someone voted with his deceased wife’s ballot. But the person he was telling on was himself. Or in Ohio, also a deceased father’s signature on the ballot, but it was a Republican official who pushed that. In Pennsylvania, we saw the same trick. But overall, although these cases are rare and make some Republicans look silly for vamping all of this, actual voting fraud is rare. The AP finds the rate in battleground states was 0.0018. So politicians talk about protecting the vote when often what they’re trying to do is use lies about fraud to justify the crackdown as we’ve shown linked to an effort to prepare for another coup. As James Carville would say, and I just learned this tonight, strap in and pay attention."

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