NBC News Airs Segment About Parents Raising Gender-Neutral Kids

‘As individuals develop their gender journey may change and that’s okay’


JACKSON: “Experts say raising your children gender-neutral means giving your kids the opportunity to express and interact with the world outside of the traditional gender binary, boy or girl, and choose whatever feels right.”

OLEZESKI: “Gender identity and gender development is a journey. And I think that it’s really important for folks to keep that in mind, that as individuals develop, their gender journey may change, and that’s okay. And it’s really important for us to be supportive of folks being able to explore their identities and find their authentic sense of self as they continue to develop.”

JACKSON: “On social media, there are dozens of Facebook pages and Instagram accounts to help parents figure it out. One group went from having a few hundred members just three years ago to more than 1,300 now, and on TikTok, #gendercreativeparenting has more than 16 million views. More states are offering the option to indicate whether someone is non-binary, intersex, or transgender on government documents like driver’s licenses and passports. But even now it’s still not always easy.”

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