Ed Rendell: Clinton Campaign Needs to ‘Get Their Act Together’

‘I don’t think secretary has done anything wrong … she made a mistake, but she has done nothing wrong’

MITHELL: “Well, this wouldn't even be an issue if not for the e-mail controversy and the vulnerabilities from the front-runner, and certainly adding fuel to that fire was a quote that you gave to The New York Times last week. Here you are, the Hillary Clinton strong supporter and you say: ‘They’ve handled the e-mail issue poorly, maybe atrociously, certainly horribly. The campaign has been incredibly tone-deaf not seeing this as a more serious issue.’ Explain.” 
RENDELL: “Well, and I meant that. And I meant that and it was my way of hopefully getting a message to the campaign. They didn't do a good job of handling the issue. I don't think the secretary has done anything wrong. Every secretary of state before her used private e-mail accounts. In fact Colin Powell had a private server that was paid for by the RNC. So she did nothing wrong, she didn't violate any procedures or rules of the Obama Administration that were in place when she was there. As far as the classified brouhaha, so far in the 7,000 pages released earlier this week, there's not one the State Department says, there's nothing that was classified at the time that Secretary Clinton sent it or received it. So I think that this will blow over and I think she's done nothing wrong. She made a mistake, but she's done nothing wrong and I'm still for her and I still believe she has done nothing wrong. I know that will come out. But I think the campaign has not done a good job and that's a fact. They should get their act together. I think they will. So I have no regrets for saying what I’ve said. I hope it's a wake-up call to the campaign. By the way, I'm not the only one saying it, Andrea, but I hope the campaign wakes up and gets a little tighter and stronger and supports the secretary.”

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