Adam Carolla: MSM Creating More Anger and Disharmony in the Black Community than Jussie Smollett Could Ever Have Done

‘The same news outlets that are outraged over Jussie Smollett lying have been lying all along’


CAROLLA: “I was thinking about it philosophically everybody was angry because Jussie Smollett was trying to enrage the United States and pulled a band-aid off of racial justice to everyone that is rightfully outraged for what he was attempting to do to start a huge racial fire in this country was think about CNN, MSNBC, “usa today,” L.A. Times, think about what they did with the Michael Brown case. And the gentle giants shot in the back. And those that are outraged over Jussie Smollett have been lying all along. So think about what they are doing they are stoking much more anger in the black community and much more disharmony than Jussie Smollett could ever have done.”

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