NBC’s Andrea Mitchell: E-mail Release Has ‘Taken a Political Toll’ on Hillary

‘As Clinton looks vulnerable, people close to Biden tell NBC News he is recalculating the odds encouraged by fundraisers and potential staff’

GEIST: “Vice President Joe Biden is stepping back into the political spotlight for the first time since serious speculation began about his possible plans to run for president with the speech later today, in the key state of Florida. NBC national correspondent Peter Alexander is in Miami for us. Peter, good morning.

ALEXANDER: “Hey Willie, good morning to you. You said it, Florida is a critical battleground. And today Joe Biden is going to get his first taste of what a potential 2016 run may feel like. With Hillary Clinton looking increasingly vulnerable, the latest release of e-mails taking a political toll, people close to Joe Biden tell NBC News that he is reassessing the odds right now, recalculating, that he's been finding a lot of support from his donors as well as from potential staff. And people have told him that he needs the time to weigh, that he certainly has it. The first, potential deadline for Joe Biden may be about six weeks from now. October 13, that’s the first Democratic debate right now. And last week Biden told Democratic Committee members of the DNC that he may not have the emotional fuel to run. That’s what he says, he's assessing right now. The draft Biden folks, the people who are trying to compel Joe Biden to run tell me this morning, that they have now hired staff for the first time in another key state, that’s the state  of South Carolina. So far Biden has been touching all of the bases. His speech today is about the importance of community colleges here in Florida. He will speak to Jewish leaders on the Iran deal as well. He’ll celebrate Labor Day next week in Pittsburg with labor leaders and that late next week he goes on the new Stephen Colbert show. Remember the Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that gubernatorial bid in 2003 on Leno. Letterman in 2007 hosted John McCain when he made his presidential announcement. Will the 2016 announcement for Joe Biden come on Stephen Colbert? We wait until next Thursday to see. Willie, back to you.”

GEIST: “A lot to think about for Joe Biden in the next few weeks.”

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