Mike Rogers on Biden Ruling out Sending U.S. Troops to Ukraine: ‘We Look a Little Bit Weak’

‘That is exactly what Putin will try to take advantage of’


ROGERS: "You know, as a — the first thing you learn getting into the national security space of Washington, D.C., is that first memo, item number one, never take anything off the table. And so what you’re telling a guy who’s already trying to read the administration’s actions, think about Afghanistan, yep, they think the Russians calculate our decision there to walk away from allies after 20 years and turn it over to the Taliban. Stopping material shipments to Saudi Arabia in the proxy war with Iran, they factor all of that in. And so the first thing you say is, 'I’m thinking of invading,' and the United States, the most powerful military of the NATO alliance says, 'Well, we’ll do no military action, we’re taking that all off the table, even if you invade,' and remember, the conversation was, 'If you invade,' which means they have already done it, 'we’ll do these following things.' I just think that sends exactly the wrong message to a military autocratic strongman who’s amassed troops on the border. So, I worry a little bit about that. We look a little bit weak in this, and that is exactly what Putin will try to take advantage of."

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