Cruz: ‘The Vaccine Mandate Is Illegal, It’s Unconstitutional & It’s a Grotesque Abuse of Power’

‘I think Biden knows that’


CRUZ: “The vaccine mandate, it is illegal, it's unconstitutional and it's a grotesque abuse of power. And I think Biden knows that, I think the White House lawyers told Biden that this is illegal, this will get struck down in the courts and cynically I think they made the decision to ram it through anyway assuming that litigation will take time, will take months or years, and in the meantime a whole lot of people will obey. Last night's vote was a really important vote. We voted on rescinding Biden’s vaccine mandate for private employers. It passed with a bipartisan majority. Every Republican and two Democrats joined us. And -- and this is one of the very few cracks in the blue wall, is that Joe Manchin and Jon Tester both vote with us. It will go to the House, the pressure is going to be on Nancy Pelosi. Nancy doesn’t want to vote on this. She's going to try to fight to say we are not voting on this, and -- and the Republicans in the House are going to press the vote, and the question is, is there going to be, you know, even a handful of Democrats in the House that have the courage to stand up to Nancy Pelosi. I don’t know the answer to that. Nancy is going to try to kill it but if they vote on it in the House and you see a handful of Democrats with even a little bit of courage it'll pass and then it'll go to Joe Biden and we'll see if he vetoes it. Now given how extreme he is he'll probably veto it, but this is a bipartisan repudiation of the illegal and abusive vaccine mandates.”

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