Trahern Crews: No Link on #BlackLivesMatter to Police Murders Like Black Death to Police

‘It’s not fair to connect any police murders to #BlackLivesMatter’

HAYES: “So people have been watching the Black Lives Matter movement unfold. And there are two things that I think have -- Black Lives Matter movement has really raised awareness of police brutality, officer-involved shootings, et cetera. There`s also been, I think, increased awareness of police fatalities, these two in the last days. And also, there`s been an eye towards crime increases, particularly murders in these big cities. What do you say to people who are going to make the argument, already making the argument that cops are now tentative, because of activists like you and because they`re tentative, crime increasing and that blood is on your hands?”

CREWS: “No, not at all. I don`t think it`s fair at all for people to connect any police murders to Black Lives Matter. But -- and we -- you know, we send the condolences out to the two police officers who were killed over the weekend, but you cannot connect those murders to Black Lives Matter, but we can connect Marcus Golden`s matter, who was killed here at St. Paul by the St. Paul police, we can connect that murder directly to the St. Paul police department. We could connect Tamir Rice`s murder directly to the Cleveland police department. We could connect Eric Gardner`s murder directly to the New York police department. So I think there`s a big difference with what they`re trying to say about -- say right now.”

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