Trahern Crews: ‘Black on Black Crime Is a Result of Institutional Racism’

‘Police brutality is an extension of institutional racism, we have to deal with institutional racism to deal with black on black crime’

HAYES: “Are you prepared for the sustained -- can the politics of this movement be sustained amidst the kind of increase in violent crime, like we had seen, particularly in, say, Baltimore and St. Louis, which have also been two sites of a lot of protests, uprising, and agitation?”

CREWS: “Absolutely. As long as we stay on the -- you know, keep focusing on the conditions that are leading to violent crime and police murder, we can`t -- we have to -- police brutality is an extension of institutional racism. Police brutality enforces institutional racism. So, we have to start dealing with institutional racism to deal with black-on-black crime.”

HAYES: “Trahern Crews –“

CREWS: “Black-on-black crime is a result of institutional racism.”

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