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Top Clinton Camp Staff Caught on Video Illegally Accepting Foreign Contribution
Purchases of campaign materials are explicitly treated as contributions under FEC law – they’re illegal for foreign nationals or corporations

High-Level Clinton Campaign Staff Caught on Video Knowingly Breaking the Law (Project Veritas Action Fund)

A Project Veritas Action investigator caught Molly Barker, the Director of Marketing for Hillary Clinton’s national campaign, knowingly breaking campaign finance law by accepting a straw donation from a foreign national.

Contributions from foreign nationals are illegal under FEC election law.  Straw donations (contributions made in the name of another person) are illegal under FEC election law.

We know Barker knew of their illegality because the hidden camera footage shows her consulting with the Clinton campaign’s Compliance Manager, Erin Tibe, who reiterated to Barker that she could not accept the contribution.  Minutes later, Barker accepted the illegal contribution anyway.

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