CNN: New Clinton E-mails Reveal Blumenthal Was ‘Constantly’ Sending Her E-mails

‘They haven’t been classified at the time, but they have been upgraded before releasing them to the public’

BERMAN: “If you were all lucky enough to sleep last night, you might have missed that the State Department released a whole bunch of e-mails, thousands from Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state. So what is inside this latest batch? CNN's Elise Labott, up all night pouring over the pages. She is live with us now -- Elise.”
LABOTT: “Well, you're not kidding, John. What we're looking at here is about 125 of the 7,000 e-mails have information that was retroactively classified. Now, they weren't marked classified at the time. But they have been upgraded before releasing them to the public, and parts have been redacted. Now once again, in these e-mails, we get a sense of her close relationship with former adviser Sydney Blumenthal, who is constantly sending her advice about various issues. There's also a memo from Chelsea Clinton, reporting back on her trip to Haiti, her frustrations on the ground after the earthquake with the Clinton Foundation. Was sent to her there. Interestingly, there are e-mails suggesting State Department tech analysts didn't recognize Clinton's server when it worked with the State Department. And one of the e-mails -- we have a screen grab here -- her aide, Huma Abedin, says her e-mail bounced back from someone on the State Department system. And when this person called the help desk, Huma says, ‘They had no idea it was you.’ Now, there were also several e-mails about Clinton's new iPad. When it arrived, her aide, Philippe Reines, says, "Your iPad has arrived." Clinton says, "That's exciting news." She wanted to get some instructions on a flight to Ukraine. You remember, she said she only used her Blackberry; never mentioned an iPad. There's also a bit of an obsession with criticism from FOX News. A lot of interesting political machinations. Clinton always said that politics was in her DNA. Now, some of these you really had to be there at the State Department time to know the back story. For instance, Clinton wants an update on gefilte fish. And everybody last night on Twitter was like, what's this gefilte fish? Those of us that were covering the State Department remember a trade dispute with Israel, holding up a huge shipment of gefilte fish to Israel right before Passover. So Clinton wants to know about that gefilte fish problem. Back to you.” 
CAMEROTA: “Right. It turns out it wasn't code for anything. It really was gefilte fish. It really was.”
BERMAN: “Sometimes gefilte fish is just gefilte fish.”
LABOTT: “Sometimes it's just gefilte fish.”
BERMAN: “Freud wrote that, I think. I think it was Freud.”

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