Biden: Build Back Better ‘Is Not Only Fully Paid for But Will Generate More than $100B in Deficit Reduction’

‘The fact is the Build Back Better plan is fiscally responsible’


BIDEN: “The fact is, the Build Back Better plan is fiscally responsible. It’s the first major piece of legislation in more than a decade that is not only fully paid for, but will generate more than $100 billion in deficit reduction. It fully covers the cost of its investments by making the largest corporations and the richest Americans pay a little more in taxes. Think about that. That’s a trade-off worth making, in my view, having those who have done well pay their fair share in order to provide a little breathing room for millions of American families. But my critics don’t seem to agree. They have a lot of speeches about high prices, supply chain and other challenges we’re facing, but they don’t offer any answers. So they’re just doing the 'no' vote.”

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