Cuomo: Should Smash-and-Grab Robberies Get Treated Like Organized Crime?

‘Where are the cops?’


CUOMO: "We have to stay on this new crime spree. I think we are getting too affected by the videos, right? Because it is so unsettling to see over a holiday weekend gangs of looters, okay? It just speaks to a complete breakdown of law enforcement. Smash-and-grab robberies are not abating. It is all over the country. And there is no question that the videos are absolutely, you know, eye candy. You have to watch them. It's really wrong. Like, how does this happen? Where are the cops? Why do these people keep doing it? How are there so many of them? Organized flash mobs are the answer. There is organized crime going on here. Are these treated like organized crime? No. No. They are not addressed like RICO on the federal level. Should they be? Are we missing the real opportunity to fix? Instead of saying, 'Get the paddy wagon and chase all those guys all over the place,' maybe there is a better solution. And I say that as a rhetorical question, because there is."


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