CNN’s Wen: Indoor Mask Mandates Should Be Reinstated Because of Omicron Variant

‘We also cannot forget about the other measures that have been in place as well including indoor masking’


WEN: "We know that the vaccines we have are very effective against the variants that we have already identified. Omicron may have or it looks like it does have additional mutations that could render the vaccines less effective. But all signs point to the vaccines still being somewhat effective. And the other thing, too, is getting a booster increases your antibody response, including against new variants that are developing. And so our best protection now against the variant would be to get the booster dose for those who haven't already, though we also cannot forget about the other measures that have been in place as well, including indoor masking, which I believe that states and local jurisdictions and businesses that have let go of indoor mask mandates, they should bring it back as well as an additional step to protect against Omicron."

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