ABC’s Jon Karl: ‘Hillary Clinton Suddenly Looks Beatable in Iowa’ with New Poll Results

‘For Hillary Clinton troubling signs of déjà vu all over again’

STEPHANOPOULOS: “The new poll showing a tight race for the Democrats in Iowa. Hillary Clinton’s lead over Bernie Sanders is shrinking her lowest numbers yet. While GOP front-runner donald Trump keeps up the heat on Clinton, going after one of her closest aides. NBC’s Jon Karl covering the race. Good morning, Jon.”

KARL: “Good morning, George. This presidential race is defying all expectations while Donald Trump and Ben Carson are trouncing all Republicans; Hillary Clinton suddenly looks beatable in Iowa.”

[clip starts]

KARL (voice-over): “For Hillary Clinton, troubling science of deja vu all over again. Danger looming in Iowa, the state that led to the downfall of her last presidential campaign when she lost to Barack Obama nearly eight years ago. Shocking numbers in the latest Iowa poll, only 37 percent of Democrats pick Hillary. Barely ahead of Bernie Sanders. Her support tanking 20 percentage points since May. Sanders, a self-described socialist from Vermont with a thick Brooklyn accent doesn't exactly look like the next Obama. But he's already ahead in New Hampshire.”

SANDERS: “This is not anti-Hillary Clinton. This is pro-Bernie Sanders and pro message that says enough is enough.”

KARL (voice-over): “Even Joe Biden, not yet in the race, draws 14 percent. The VP dropped by a jamboree of Democrats in his home state of Delaware over the weekend with his decision on a possible run expected in the coming weeks.”

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