Steve Moore: Joe Biden Doesn’t Know How to Fix Inflation

‘There just doesn’t seem to be a solution coming out of this White House right now’


MOORE: “Great to be with you. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I hope the president has a happy things given as well. And everyone. Look. Maybe this was not the best optics. The president can have his Thanksgiving dinner wherever he wants. I think the bigger problem here, is what is happening with the middle class, and this rising inflation. There just does not seem to be a solution coming out of this White House right now. In fact, they are pitching a $3 trillion debt bill that would actually make the inflation worse. The people are feeling this. The interesting thing about when you have higher inflation, which we do right now. It’s running at about 6%. the spin from Washington and the spin from economists don’t matter because people feel it every single day. I notice, I don’t know if you do, but when I go to the gas pump now people are grumbling about how much their pain. It’s 20 bucks more to fill up your tank, this things given that it was a year ago.”

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