Joe and Jill Biden Call Al Roker During the Macy’s Parade on NBC: ‘America Is Back’

‘There’s nothing we’re unable to overcome’

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ROKER: "Wow. Oh, hold on, my phone is ringing. Just a second. Oh, my God, look at who's calling. Hello, hello, Mr. President."
JOE BIDEN: "Hello Al. How are you doing pal?"
JILL BIDEN: "Happy Thanksgiving."
ROKER: "Oh, Dr. Biden and Mr. President, thank you so much. Happy Thanksgiving to you. How are you?" [crosstalk]
JOE BIDEN: "A New York firefighter."
ROKER: "That's right, we had a New York firefighter here, and -- and it's so good -- good for you calling, we thank you so much. What -- what's -- what’s your message to the American folks on this Thanksgiving Day?"
JOE BIDEN: "My message is, after two years, you’re back, America is back. There's nothing we're unable to overcome Al, and you’re one of the reasons for that.”

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