National Taxpayers Union’s Arnold: Massive ‘Retro-Active’ IRS Audits to Target People Making $75K Or Less to Pay for $5 Trillion Spending Bill

‘These audits are not going after Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates and the wealthiest Americans’

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McDONALD: "And digging into the plan, Brandon, we're seeing Democrats now want to empower IRS agents to go rogue. IRS agents would get the power to penalize anyone they want without supervisor approval? Is that true?"
ARNOLD: "Yeah. Not only could they do that, but it's retroactive. So what they’re looking to do is peel back the safeguard, a very important safeguard. All it says is if an IRS agent wants to assess a penalty, before they do so, they have to get sign-off of a supervisor. It's just to make sure they don't go rogue. They want to not only repeal this, they want to do it retroactively back to 20 years, so people could get unexpected penalties slapped on them for violations that they're not even aware of, and they may not have the paperwork saved to fight the IRS back. It's really, really terrifying."

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