Fox’s Greg Gutfeld Mocks the Leftist Sensitivity to Language

‘If that car crash were an accident, it qualifies as the longest accidental car crash in history’

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GUTFELD: "So, wait, color dictates the language? And who define that for us? Joy Reid? So white people do it do we call it something else? I'd say white collar crime but it hardly takes a PhD in finance to smash a window of CVS and grab 150 Mennen's Speed Stick. I’ve got a lot for that. And why don't we try to protect white looters feelings? Maybe there’s just dozens of expensive hand bags to survive. But I guess if we find out they are black then it’s back to looters? Meanwhile the organized media still calls the intentional massacre in Wisconsin a deadly parade crash. As if a Mickey Mouse hot air balloon collided with the power line. That would be the best thing Disney's made in years. But, the media has a conflict of interest. \They stoked racial tensions with lies about Kyle Rittenhouse in the same state this massacre took place in. That makes it less intentional homicide and more an act of God. But if that car crash were an accident it qualifies as the longest accidental car crash in history. And the 9/11 hijackers accidentally slammed those planes into those buildings, maybe it’s an act of nature and not mother nature, because that’s sexist. It’s nature born from inequality caused by systemic racism.”

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