Gutfeld: CNN Pulls Back, Calls Waukesha Parade Massacre a ‘Deadly Incident’ Since It Doesn’t Fit Racism Angle

‘But here they pull back, why is that?’


GUTFELD: "It's unlike the Wisconsin massacre, or as CNN calls it, a deadly parade incident. Like somebody accidentally fell to their death from the top of the Tom Turkey float. Incident? That’s so careful. That’s the vaguest definition of terrorism since Ilhan Omar described 9/11 as 'some people did something.' Imagine if CNN were this careful with other crap. But with the police, the pee tape, Covington, they jump right in. But here they pull back. Why is that? Maybe they're just tired of paying Nick Sandmann — or could it be about race? When CNN declares that the most dangerous thing alive is an angry white man, this story won’t fit.”

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