Dr. Reiner Says Not to Invite Anyone Unvaccinated Outside of One’s Home for Thanksgiving

‘This is just a huge risk’


REINER: "Well, I think that particularly if there are unvaccinated people such as children there, or folks who are immunosuppressed, maybe as a consequence of illness or the treatment of their illness or the chronic medications, we need to protect them. And again, I think if there are unvaccinated people who live in the home and are not unvaccinated by choice, then I think you really shouldn’t have anyone else from outside the home unvaccinated come to dinner. I think that's just a huge risk. And again, I think we need to avail ourselves of these really readily available rapid tests which can be obtained at local pharmacies, 15-minute results, tests before you come over, then you know that the people coming to your home are not likely to cause an infection in anyone who is susceptible.”

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