Reid: There’s a Part of the Right that Accepts ‘Pure Unadulterated Violence’ as Part of Their Values

‘This is about the death of a young woman’


REID: "You know, there is a thing that’s happening — and I don’t know if we've got audio of this judge in Charlottesville, but the judge in Charlottesville praised the open white nationalists for how wonderfully they did in representing themselves and for being so wonderful in the courtroom and having such a civil trial. These people, like, danced when one of the victims talked about the pain that they felt being brutalized. This is about the death of a young woman. These people sort of laughed at her — I mean, the judge was praising that. There is something happening in our society, Dean, where the right has — this part of the right has decided that violence, killing, there is no thou shalt not kill. These are their new values. Pure, unadulterated violence."

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