Jelani Cobb: Staging Months of Protests to Question Charges Brought on Arbery Case Is Evidence that Justice System Isn’t Working

‘I can’t say this was the verdict I expected’


COBB: “I will say that, you know, the reason I say that it doesn’t have that much significance is that when we look at what is necessary, it wasn’t simply to Elie’s point, it wasn’t simply that there was video of what was essentially a game hunt as they tracked him through this suburb, it wasn’t simply that they cycled through four — the fourth prosecutor, actually, who hand l handled the case including a Georgia Bureau of Investigation reexamination of the evidence, and a Department of Justice examination, it wasn't simply that, but also, in addition to those things, required that people get into the streets and stay in the streets for well over a year to ensure that nothing would go awry. And so, when we talk about the judicial system working, you know, as President Biden said in the aftermath of the Rittenhouse verdict, the fact is, if you have to have staged months-long protests to even have the question of charges being brought, addressed, then that’s evidence that the judicial system does not, in fact, work."

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