Reid: Ahmaud Arbery Jury Sent a Powerful Rebuke of Anti-Black Terrorism

‘This was a complete victory for the prosecution’


REID: "For many others, it was a rare moment of justice. This was a complete victory for the prosecution, full stop. In 2021, in the state with historically the second highest number of documented lynchings in this country, second only to Mississippi, it turns out you cannot chase someone just for being a black man jogging down the street. You cannot lynch a black man in broad daylight in 21st century America and expect to walk free. Instead, a nearly all-white jury sent a powerful rebuke of anti-black terrorism, a repudiation of Georgia law steeped in racism and used for decades as a justification for lynching black people. But as much as this was an open-and-shut case, it was pins and needles for those advocating for Arbery and justice. The defense argued Arbery was the one to blame, scorned his appearance, pushed to bar black pastors from the courtroom, using race far more than the prosecution did, while suppressing evidence of their client’s racism.”

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