Noem: Threats Against Mt. Rushmore Include Blowing it Up, We Have to Recognize ‘Real Hate’ Against History

‘They led us through challenging times and we are going to stand behind our true and honest history’


NOEM: "Well, there was a lot of threats, especially when President Trump visited July 3rd of 2020. In fact, we had to put security folks out there and they partnered very well with Secret Service and with other law enforcement officers to keep it safe. It was amazing to me, the threats that were coming against Mt. Rushmore. Several people were threatening to blow it up. Several were threatening to pour red paint down the faces and stain it forever. We had to expend resources as a state to protect that national monument. So, you know, the real hate in this country, I think for our history, we have to recognize has been around for a very long time, although it’s not been something that so many people in the country have been aware of and that we have realized has taken place and is continuing to take place in so many parts of this country."

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