Jesse Kelly: Kyle Rittenhouse Is More Mature than Anyone Running This Country

‘We have a bunch of children who run the country’


KELLY: "Kyle is more mature than anyone who runs this country, and that includes Joe Biden. It’s hard for us to accept it because we just don’t like him, but we at least think there are going to be people interested in helping the country. We have a bunch of children who run the country. Joe Biden is a child. Jill Biden is a child. These people, they have the emotional maturity of an 8-year-old. That's so beneath any U.S. politician, especially one with the huge national stage, to call somebody who wasn’t even on trial yet a white supremacist. Like Tucker pointed out, that’s a really big deal, Brian. It’s not a good thing to be a white supremacist. If you’re going to levy that charge against somebody, you better be sure of it. But it just shows the idiots we have who run this country and that’s what's so scary. We have all these trying times right now, and our government is as reliable as Mexican tap water."

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