Kilmeade: It’s a Free-for-All Now in San Francisco, Compton Is Now Twice as Safe as San Francisco

‘Eyewitnesses described it as something out of a movie’


KILMEADE: “I am Brian Kilmeade and this is “Tucker Carlson tonight.” According to the schedule, I’m filling in all show. Standby. By now many of you know and have seen tucker’s interview with Kyle Rittenhouse. It’s tremendous. We have more of that exclusive interview, segment you’ve never seen before. It’s coming your way in a matter of moments. Standby. It’s a free-for-all in san francisco. We’ve been reporting about this since “fox & friends” this morning. This past weekend mobs of these ramps fact shops. Law enforcement calling these raids organize. You think so? In a single 24 hours to me of a mob of looters targeting a louis vuitton high-end store. As many as 80 looters and ski masks rated a nordstrom. Eyewitnesses described it as something out of a movie. That’s what I think. In oakland, about 70 miles away, the same. Lack of time, hundreds of vehicles reportedly targeted. Marijuana dispensaries and other stores. Car break-ins are on the rise as well. Break-ins are up 753%. The hoover institute recently noted, san francisco is now more dangerous than 98% of the U.S. Cities. Compton, California. A city famous for drug wars and gang wars. It’s almost twice as safe as san francisco. Most all of this increase in crime can be traced back to proposition 47. That’s a referendum that was passed back in 2014 in California.”

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