Huckabee: Biden’s Spending Plan Should Include a One-Way Ticket to Anywhere for Americans Who Hate America

‘I’m convinced they don’t love America’


HUCKABEE: “Me too. I’m convinced they don’t love America. You have these idiots on TV saying we shouldn’t have Turkey we ought to just, you know, sit around in a fetal position curled up under our beds and wished #-z we live somewhere else. Hinojosa, I think we ought to offer this as one of the proposals of the big tax plan and spending plan that Biden has. Offer a one-way ticket to anywhere on earth that these America-hating people think would be better off. And let’s put them on the next plane, hand them a passport and say knock yourself out. Have a good life. But we’re going to keep loving this country, circle around holding hands with our families on Thanksgiving. Praying, being grateful to god. We have food. And being grateful to god we can, like my house, smoke one and fry one. We’re going to have it every kind of way. Turkey is going to be happening at the Huckabee house tomorrow.”

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