CNN: Police on Alert After String of ‘Smash and Grab’ Burglaries

‘There’s usually a group of them, they move through the store pretty fast, and they’re out the door within seconds’


RAMSEY: "You know, a few years ago in Philadelphia here, we had something very similar take place. We called them flash mobs where we had groups of young people that would go into a store, steal and then run away. And believe it or not, many of the kids that we arrested had no previous criminal record at all. They were organizing these things on social media. So one thing departments can do is pay attention to social media, because that's how they organize and get together to decide where they’re going to go. And I would also send a warning to parents because as I mentioned, most of the kids we arrested were — had no previous record. So pay attention to what your children are doing on social media. I have no idea, you know, what they’re thinking when they do these kinds of things. But it looked like it was pretty organized when I saw the footage in San Francisco, I believe it was, where they actually hit one of those stores. That's very organized. But you know, again, we’ve seen these things before and they are very hard to guard against."

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