Ted Williams on Ahmaud Arbery Verdict: ‘Justice Prevailed’

‘We are such a divided country, and we are divided along the racial lines’


WILLIAMS: "Yeah. I’ve got to tell you, I was moved by the words 'all lives matter.' We are such a divided country, and we are divided along the racial lines. What we observed here in this verdict and what could be taken away from this verdict is that justice prevailed and that when we see things in a white and black manner, then everything is not always the way we see it. Here we had 11 of the jurors who were white. We had one black on the jury. The jury came to a decision, a consensus. That in and of itself can be considered justice. And I’ve got to tell you. It is very, very sad in America where a young kid could just be jogging through a neighborhood and to be shot down. And the one thing that saved this case I believe was the videotape. The videotape spoke volumes as to what had taken place under the circumstances." 

(via Fox News)

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