Joe Concha on San Francisco Mass Looting: Nancy Pelosi Needs To Be Held Accountable

‘They’re never held accountable for their own performances in their own cities’


BANDERAS: "As she's about to enter retirement, she just bought a $25 million mansion. So Joe Biden should go stay there next, actually. Maybe Christmas, he’ll spend his Christmas at that $25 million mansion."

CONCHA: "Do you think she brings the fridge and the freezer that had all that ice cream in it? That fridge was the size of my Hoboken apartment when I lived there way back when, which wasn’t that big, trust me. But it’s funny, she’s never held accountable. London Breed, who is the — never trust anybody who’s named after a city, by the way, whether you’re playing cards or electing them, as far as that’s concerned, but they’re never held accountable for their own performances in their own cities, their own districts.”

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