Sharpton on Rittenhouse: ‘Horrific and Scary’ that Trump, Others Are ‘Making a Hero out of a Guy that Killed Two People’

‘Thank God we got a little daylight came through today’


SHARPTON: “I think that it is the absolute opposite of what we saw last week. The idea that it’s in the Deep South in Georgia, for us to be able to see a jury of 11 whites in Georgia do what a judge who I felt in many ways operated as part of the defense team couldn’t do for a jury in Wisconsin is very telling that we are looking at a much different situation in a place that was unlikely. And the fact that Donald Trump and others are now making a hero out of a guy that killed two people, to act like the lives of those two that died was insignificant. It is horrific and it's scary. But thank God we got a little daylight came through today. But it's a daylight, it doesn't mean there are not clouds still in the sky."

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