Pfeiffer: ‘I Sometimes Think the Republican Primary Is a Plot to Elect Hillary Clinton’

‘When I see Trump and Palin together, attacking Jorge Ramos, I sometimes think the Republican primary is a plot to elect Hillary Clinton president’

TAPPER: "Quick note on the Jorge Ramos thing. What did you think of Trump doing that?"
PFEIFFER: "I think that if you — when I see Trump and Sarah Palin together, attacking Jorge Ramos I sometimes think the Republican primary is a plot to elect Hillary Clinton president."
PFEIFFER: "You really couldn’t ask for anything more. I think that the Trump Jorge Ramos exchange is sort of a perfect metaphor for the impact Trump is having on the Republicans for the general election, alienating Latino voters. I was in Mexico on Friday night speaking at a panel discussion, and 70 percent of the questions I got were about Donald Trump. Because Latinos — and this is right across the border, people who either live in El Paso or have family in El Paso, had a morbid fear that Donald Trump may be the next president (INAUDIBLE) implement his immigration policies. He will be the greatest Latino — (CROSSTALK)"
BLACKBURN: "Look at — look at the Nevada poll. Where he’s got 28 percent of the vote, 31 percent of the Hispanics support Donald Trump." 
PFEIFFER: "Every other poll —" 
BLACKBURN: "And look (ph) at (ph) Peggy Noonan yesterday in “The Wall Street Journal” where she had talked with people that are Hispanic —" 
TAPPER: "Are you really not concerned at all the effect Donald Trump might have on Latino voters?"
BLACKBURN: "I think, Jake, just the fact that Donald Trump is pulling out all voters, and is driving the discussion, is an important thing. I think that the fact that illegal immigration, being there on the front burner, is an important thing. It is an issue that has to be addressed. And people want individuals coming in to the country, and they’re all for legal immigration. They are very concerned about illegal immigration, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, labor trafficking."
TAPPER: "I’m not disagreeing with — I’m not disagreeing with any of that. But just--"
BLACKBURN: "We go in to every single community and it comes up —" 
TAPPER: "--in terms of the pure politics of it. Are you as a Republican leader not concerned about the rhetoric that you hear from Donald Trump? Because I have heard many other Republicans say they are concerned about it."
BLACKBURN: "I think that what he is doing as so many people will say, I identify with what he’s saying because he’s concerned about the same issues that I’m concerned about. That’s a good thing." 
TAPPER: "All right."
BLACKBURN: "And it’s important for people to have those discussions. And I think the fact that you’re talking about the three top issues, and he goes on stage..."
TAPPER: "Mm-hmm."
BLACKBURN: "--and talks about these, national security, job and economic security, retirement security."
TAPPER: "We got to go right (ph) now (ph). Thank you so much, Congressman (ph) Blackburn."
BLACKBURN: "Thank you."
TAPPER: "Donna Brazile, Dan Pfeiffer, S.E. Cupp. Thank you so much, great panel. Coming up a night out at a baseball game goes terribly wrong. The shocking scene, when we come back."

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