Alison Parker’s Father: WDBJ Shooter ‘Messed with the Wrong Family’

‘I’m counting on you guys in the media to be there and support this and keep this on the front burner, because it has to be’

TAPPER: "Are you going to be coming to Washington?"
PARKER: "Absolutely. I have been in contact with — as you can imagine, the outpouring, not just for Alison, but the rage, the outrage that is — is — has just swept the — not just the nation, but the world, you know, it’s overwhelming. And I have been in contact with Mark Kelly, who is Gabby Giffords’ husband, who was very gracious to reach out to me. And we’re going to get together in Washington. Senator Warner has also, you know, told me whatever we can do to help and facilitate that, let me know. Mayor Bloomberg’s people have reached out. You know, I want to be the — if I can, and if they will allow me, Chris and I, Chris Hurst and I, we want to take the point, we want to take the lead on this and get something done. And I think, this time — you always think there’s a tipping point. We always — we thought that, when Gabby was shot, something would happen, with Sandy Hook, something would happen, with Aurora, something would happen. And it never did. But I think people recognizing, you know, who the victim was and what she represented and how kind and sweet and innocent she was, I think, this time, it’s going to be different. And, you know, I’m — you know, I have done as many interviews probably as I can this weekend. And I don’t want to be like Howard Beale from “Network,” and you know, in essence, say, we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore. That’s what’s happened. But he got overexposed. I don’t want that to happen.  I want to come back when we have real news to report, when we have updates to report. And I’m counting on you guys in the media to be there and support this and keep this on the front burner, because it has to be. It can’t go away. It can’t be, you know — next week, it can’t be forgotten. And I’m not going to let that happen.'
TAPPER: "Well, we’re certainly going to stay in touch with you and have you back when you have more to — more to tell us about. Andy Parker, again, our deepest condolences on the loss of what sounds like a — she sounds like a wonderful, wonderful girl. Thank you for joining us today. I know it must be difficult. And you can go..."
PARKER: "Thank you so much. And you just let..."
TAPPER: "Go ahead."
PARKER: "No, I said, you know, I’m telling you, they messed with the wrong family."

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