Michael Cohen and CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Laugh About Putting Trump Supporters in Prison

‘Maybe incarceration’


COHEN: "Like I said, he has a fragile ego, so he cannot allow that to ever happen, not in his mind. And what his goal is, is to convince you that he won the election and he has done that with this percentage of Americans that are so deep into the cult of Trump. And trust me, I know about the cult of Trump. I was one of its leaders, maybe one of its founders, and I see exactly the stupidity of people as I walk in the city or I get certain text messages on occasion from individuals who are so entrenched into this cult that they can’t see straight. "

CAMEROTA: "What’s the answer to getting out of it?"

COHEN: "Maybe incarceration? (laughs)"

CAMEROTA: "I'm not sure the prisons are big enough for all of that."

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