Atlanta Airport Traveler: ‘The Airport Personnel Is Doing a Really Good Job Keeping Everybody Calm’

‘A lot of people are sitting on the floors’


ROMERO: “Well, we had just gotten off of our flight and we were headed toward concourse t and we heard there was an emergency happening, so in concourse 2, they shut off all the escalators and cut off all passengers and turned off the trams. We’re being told that you can get to – if you have no luggage, you can walk to concourse f, which is 30 minutes away, and that you can exit that way. Otherwise, we’re still on hold. Right now I think the airport personnel is doing a good job keeping everyone calm. There’s not a whole lot of word. A lot of people are sitting on the floors. It’s hot and stuffy down here, but it will be okay. We just have to be patient.”

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