Robert Costa: Donald Trump ‘Running as a Traitor to His Class’

‘Trump is not running an ideological campaign, yet every one of his rivals is running against him like he is’

KING: “I think he's asking us to do that, Robert. But the other candidates have also, for the most part, been hit or miss, intermittent backed up Trump.”
COSTA: “Trump's not running an ideological campaign. Yet every one of his rivals is running against him like he is. So he's running as a traitor to his class, who understands Wall Street, who will fight Wall Street and be a proponent for the lower middle class. This is his campaign. He's not running to be Bill Buckley's favorite or to be friends with Bill Kristol. This is for working-class, conservative people, who haven't voted in a long time. That's what he's running. I checked in with Lewandowski, campaign manager for Trump, checked in with Trump this week, about the third party thing. They're aware Virginia may try to keep them out.”
KING: “The loyalty pledges, right.” 
COSTA: “But they like everyone squirming. So they're not going to make a promise. I said to Trump directly, are going to really -- he said look I'm not making any promises.”


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